Our Process

MMO IME Process

Step 1


When a client files an independent medical exam referral via phone, our website, fax or email, the case is entered into the Medical Management Online system and assigned to the scheduling department. A preferred method for the delivery of the medical records is established (via direct upload to the website, email, snail mail, or pick up).


Step 2


Input from our customer is taken into account as we determine the the appropriate physician specialty (or specialties) and preferred examination location. Then, MMO will attempt to contact the patient or patient’s attorney to schedule the examination on a day and time that is preferable to the patient. Three attempts at contact will be made over three consecutive days before the IME is scheduled without the patient’s input. The date and time of all calls are logged on the website for our customer to see.


Step 3


Once the IME is scheduled, a letter is sent to the patient or their attorney, with a copy to the referring entity. The letter is also uploaded to the website case file, along with the assigned physician’s credentials and CV.


Step 4


Upon receipt of the medical records, a brief chronology of the case is developed. The summary and records are forwarded to the examiner(s) and uploaded to the website file.


Step 5

Prior to the cancellation deadline, a reminder call is placed to the patient or the patient’s attorney.


Step 6

On the date of the IME, a call is made to confirm whether or not the patient attended the examination. This information is promptly posted to the website. In the case of non-attendance, the requesting entity is so advised.


Step 7

The physician(s), dictate their report, either internally, to a phone-based dictation service, or via a transcription service. The report is then sent to the MMO quality assurance department to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and to confirm that the questions posed have been answered completely. The report is forwarded to the physician(s) for a final review, editing and signature.


Step 8

Upon receipt of the approved report, it is delivered to the requesting entity and posted on the website for their secure access.


Step 9

An invoice is generated and forwarded to the requesting entity, and posted to the file on the website.


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"I wanted to compliment your company on how the records for
the exams are organized; they are coming exactly as I like them!!
This saves loads of time on my end, typically I am not getting paid
for any extraneous time to "sort" records so its been refreshing
actually that MMO is sending files all ready to go! MMO's
organization in sorting is actually the exception and not the rule
amongst the IME companies I deal with so thanks to your team.


- J. Ryan DC