Independent Medical Exams

An independent medical examination (IME) is when, for legal reasons, a patient must be evaluated by a doctor with whom he or she has no previous relationship. The evaluation is then shared with the party that requested the IME.

Medical Management Online specializes in coordinating IMEs. We work with trusted physicians of all specialties in all areas of the country helping claimants, insurance companies and attorneys get the information they need to move forward with their cases or claims quickly.

Prior to an IME, the examiner reviews the medical records that have been submitted by the requesting party. The physician then interviews the claimant and performs a physical examination relevant to the scope of symptoms and conditions at issue. An IME report is generated by the examiner and submitted to the requesting party. For a detailed breakdown of the full IME process, visit our process page.

In addition to our national network of more than 1,000 physicians who perform IMEs from their own offices, the MMO headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, is equipped with medical facilities. Our system is already the most efficient in the industry, and when we work with doctors at our own facility, it can be that much faster.

Secure Website Access

All of the information relevant to the IME is available to the customer on our secure website. Everything from the progress of scheduling the IME, to the medical records and final report is easily accessed, or can be sent to the customer by whatever method is preferable. X-rays, for instance, can be sent directly to the examining physician.

The physician’s final report is carefully reviewed for completeness and quality assurance.  If specific issues have not been addressed or remain vague, the physician is asked to clarify his or her position. The physicians who perform IMEs for MMO are asked to be objective and specific in their opinions, particularly regarding future treatment, if applicable.

Special Requirements?

Do you have specific or special requirements?  We will work to accommodate your needs whether you require interpreting services, panel examinations, a physician in a remote geographic location, or an unusual medical specialty.  We are here for you!


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"In my opinion, MMO has been one of the few vendors that not only exhibits professionalism, efficiency, and consistent communication, but also does this on a routine basis which ensures an easy IME process for both me as a PIP adjuster and my insureds."

- Insurance Claims Adjuster