Why mmo?

Medical Management Online strikes a balance that makes it an ideal fit for most doctors, insurance companies, and attorneys. It is large enough to handle a high volume of cases, yet small enough to adapt to your processes and provide superb customer service.

MMO is a forward thinking company with a 20-year history (as evidenced by its decision to include “online” in its name back in 1995!). Reasons an increasing number of professionals choose MMO for independent medical examinations and other services include:

mmo-icon-timelypaymentCost Savings

Our rates are very affordable, but that’s not the only way you save with MMO. Our speed, communication, and wide geographic availability saves time and travel costs. Hurdles and delays can be expensive—-we help your system run smoothly.


With other IMO companies, you may wait 2-3 weeks just to get an appointment. MMO completes the entire process in less than half that time. We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

mmo-icon-nationalcoverageNational Reach

In addition to our regional offices throughout the US, we have partner physicians in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our recruitment process is swift—less than 24 hours—should a doctor in a new location be needed.

On-site exams

Our headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, is equipped with exam rooms. Working with physicians under the same roof allows us to move extremely quickly, and handle logistics details for our doctors in the Portland area. View our on-site exam rooms.

mmo-icon-growpractice1,000+ Physicians

With more than 1,000 physicians across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, MMO works with doctors of every speciality (we also have speakers of many foreign languages, such as Spanish and Russian on staff). Plus, when the need arises to add a new doctor, it is easy for us to do so. We don’t want you (or your claimant) to have to travel far for the perfect physician to meet your need.

mmo-icon-growpracticeMembers-only Website

We employ a cloud-based, referral management system that allows you to both request services online and keep a close eye on any case we are handling for you. Every phone call, letter, appt. and action is documented so you will always know exactly what is happening with your case. Call or email us today to set up a free web account!

"MMO provides a high level of experience, professional services, and support. I am always impressed by the accurate summaries, and well organized medical records that are consistently provided.

- Daniel K Mangum DO FACP, Advantage Medical Group